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Last Saturday happened the cejs here in my town. It’s a local JavaScript event that happens like what, once a year?

From my friends that managed to go, i’ve heard there were some great talks. The place where the event occurred is known for supporting IT development meetings.
The food was really nice too.

The only complaint was about 2 speakers that couldn’t make it. One was going to give a talk about Angular.js, while the other one was a surprise.

Unfortunately i couldn’t attend, even though i paid for the ticket. I have to finish my paper, so i can graduate in Computer Science. Actually it should be done by now…

So next time you skip something you think would be good for you or your career, make sure it’s for something even more important, not just laziness or because you want to wake late during the weekends.

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Create mobile hybrid app

I have decided what technologies to use to build something. I have a couple of ideas already. For now i’m only getting to know with the tech.

I’m building a hybrid mobile app. And for that i’m using Ionic Framework.

But what is Ionic? It’s a framework that utilizes Apache Cordova to compile HTML5 applications into native code, for Android and IOS.

And to build the HTML5 app? It uses Angular.js for the controller and routing.

So far i managed to create a simple demo, which only took me a few minutes, for the first version.

You can check the code here on github.

In the next post i’ll explain how you can create your own amazing hybrid app!

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40+ e-books on popular technologies for free

Here’s another round of free ebooks for you.

Syncfusion released more than 40 books, “All the essential content in about 100 pages.”, in various technologies.

Here’s the link.

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Free Programming and JavaScript ebooks

Here is a great list of free ebook about programming, many languages included:
free programming books

Here some specific JavaScript ebooks:

free programming JavaScript books


Here some JavaScript Frameworks books: javascript-frameworks

Enjoy and happy learning!

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Putting knowledge to some use

Well this year i said to myself i would do something my friend Helder Gurgel always told me: just-in-time (JIT) learning. Or in other words, learn as you need to.

I used to read about all sort of topics, because maybe someday someone would ask me about it, or just in case i need it.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t read books cover-to-cover. When you are studying the principles and foundations of some new tech, it’s good to know how it is all structured. But after sometime, i realized he is right.

So after i took that MongoDB course, not till the end unfortunately, i decided to use some of what i’ve learned to build something.

What you may ask? I still don’t know! But i’ll make some demo at least, play around with it, learn the pros and cons, and hopefully, release something.

Oh and this time i won’t be using Java with MongoDB. I’ll be using Node.js + Loopback.

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Building our first jQuery plugin

A friend of mine needed something done with html tables, and he was going to use that feature a lot.
So he started creating a plugin for jQuery, and invited me to help him.

This is the first plugin both of us attempt to create, so there is a lot of learning here.
I started using git in another project a couple of months ago, but he already knew how to work with git, so he helped me sometimes.

It’s hosted at GitHub and is totally open-source.
We are open to any kind of contribution, like bug reports, new features, code style, best practices, your option about it, virtually anything!

You can try the live demo here.
Just open an issue and let us know what you think.

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JavaScript quick tips

Hi, it’s been quite sometime since i last posted.

Today i just wanted to tell you about this nice 5 videos about JavaScript, that will help those starting with the language:

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