JavaScript, WebGL, Three.js… What??

First i have to say thanks to Jenna from Play The Advantage for her amazing input on my blog.

He’s not from the same technical area as i am. So she said something very simple: ” I’m not really familiar with your content…”.

That’s what happens when you don’t introduce the reader to the subject you are writing about.

I’m a Software Developer, and i like to spend my (little, almost nonexistent) free time, learning new things.

So this blog will be mostly about software: coding, programming languages, new tech stuff.

I started learning JavaScript sometime ago, using Codecademy tutorials. Really great and easy to follow material.

And this year, i’m seeing Computer Graphics in my University, but didn’t want to do it using Java and JOGL.

I thought, why not do it with JavaScript? That’s where WebGL enters.

With WebGL you can make amazing interactive 3D scenes, or even games, that run directly on your browser, with no need to install additional software.

And to make things easier, i’m using a framework called Three.js.

I hope i made things more clear for my readers, and if you don’t understand something, or have some advice for me, don’t forget to leave a comment!



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Textures and control

Well i managed to display textures and move the camera around, with the keyboard and mouse.

But i don’t know how to load textures into JSFiddle, and can’t find a CDN for the FirstPersonControls.js

So for now all i can show you is this:

This is what it looks like for real. All objects spin around their axis.



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Learning Three.js

Hi everyone,

I enjoyed the promotion of PacketPub myself, and got 2 books:

Game Development with Three.js

Learning Three.js: The JavaScript 3D Library for WebGL

Many thanks to Siddharth from PacketPub.

Anyway, i’m reading the first book, Game Development with Three.js, and so far it’s very a very pleasant reading. It’s not a very long book, and i’m already at Chapter 3. I think it aims to give you a good overview of the Library, without going into the depths of WebGL, but showing everything you need to know to create interactive 3D games or animations.

Here’s what i’ve done so far:

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Packt Publishing’s 2000th Campaign Offer

Packt Publishing strikes again with a great offer, celebrating their 2000th book release.


Packet Publising campaign

How it works?
For every ebook you buy, you get another one free!
“Buy One, Get One Free” is a great offer, for a limited time.

It works for all their ebook library, so hurry and don’t let pass this great opportunity to get that so desired ebook.

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Hi all, i’m a Java Web Developer, and now that i have more than 3 years of experience, i’ve decided to try something new.

I’m learning to program for the Android Platform, and make games.

I’ll use the AndEngine to make games. And Ubuntu Linux as the OS.

So far i’ve been able to install ADT and run the AndEngine examples, thanks to RealMayo tutorials on youtube.

I’ve also got the book “AndEngine for Android Game Development Cookbook” from Packt Publishing, which i’ll be making a review as i read the book, and study it’s examples.

Many thanks to Packt Publishing for the copy of the book, specially Darshana Joshi.

So expect to hear more from me on the next weeks. Hope you enjoy as much as i do!

You can buy the book directly from Packt Publishing or Amazon.


AndEngine for Android Game Development CookBook

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